The house that made us a family…

You might see a house, but I see a home. The last night in our first home, I ugly cried so hard as I went room to room reliving some of my favorite moments from each room. This place had been with us from the very beginning of our romantic relationship. Continue reading “The house that made us a family…”


Catholic Education: Choices, not sacrifices

Catholic Schools Week is coming to a close and with that, our parish always has the children from our local Catholic school there with great representation. The kids greet church goers at the door, read, lead the songs, bring up the gifts to the altar and so on. I love it and we do not even send our kids there…yet.

I went to this same little school, Mary Carrico Catholic School, kindergarten through eighth grade. Back then it was called Mary Carrico Memorial School. I feel like I got a great education there and while my eighth grade class had only 12 students, I had everything I needed there. The school helped to lay a solid foundation for my faith. I learned to respect my teachers, other adults and to help others. I wouldn’t say it was rigid, but if Mr. Montgomery cleared his throat a certain way, you bet all of us got quite and straightened up because we knew what was expected of us.

I went to a public high school, and I think it was good for me, personally for many reasons. I can’t imagine how different my experience would have been had I not started out at tiny Mary Carrico. I met students there of other denominations and religions who shared with me their beliefs, I never once questioned my Catholic faith, because I felt well prepared and rooted in it.

My husband and I, before we were ever married, maybe even before our engagement, had agreed we would send our kids to a Catholic school. It was never even debated. We both attended different Catholic schools growing up, and feel it is important for our own children. This is our choice.

Often, when speaking about what it takes to give your child a private education, you often here about making sacrifices. “Sacrifice”… it feels like a bad word, doesn’t it? You say sacrifice, and I think about giving up the things you love for something you might not even like. “Sacrifice” tends to be connected to a feeling of suffering. So when people talk about making sacrifices to give your child a Catholic education, where God is at the center of each and every day, I have to disagree. Feel free to disagree with me if you wish, but I’ve not spoken to any parents who have said “well, we had to give up our nice cars, vacations, TV and all the nice things we enjoy, just so we can send our kids to private school.”

The better word, I believe, is “choices”. The choices to make Catholic education happen are made by many. First and foremost, parents make the choice to enroll their children at the school. These parents have to make many choices for this to happen but they rarely view it as a sacrifice. They choose to eat out only on occasion instead of 4 times per week to save money. They choose to scale back on annual vacations because the attention their children receive at school is more important. They choose to volunteer at the school or in some other manner, to help keep costs and tuition down.

Beyond the parents, the teachers and staff of private schools make a choice as well. It is pretty well known that if you are teaching/working for a private school, you are not making what you could necessarily make at a public school. This is a huge testament to the compassion and commitment of these individuals. And it seems like more times than not, these people STAY in the private school systems. It’s not because they could not receive a position in the public schools, but because they believe in Catholic education just that much. They make choices in work and in life to allow them to continue molding the hearts and minds of these children, the future of our Church.

A step further, many individuals choose to give to these schools and churches, even if they do not have children currently in the school, because they believe in the mission of the school. Thanks to these individuals, a Catholic education is made affordable through tuition assistance for other families who wish to give this experience to their children, but maybe need a little boost to make it happen.

By choosing a Catholic education for your child, you are not giving up anything, but gaining quite a bit instead. Catholic school students still perform at the same level or a higher level compared to their public school peers. They are taught that God should be at the center of all that they do. This may be a reinforcement of what you are already be teaching them at home.

If you’ve ever been curious about Catholic school, I encourage you to just take a look. It really does not hurt to get information and see if it is right for your family. Do not let the money aspect scare you away before getting all the facts. Ask the cost, about payment plans, and tuition assistance. It’s more attainable than you may think. Looking is not committing. You might be surprised at what you find!

Thanks Mom and Dad for choosing a Catholic education for me and my siblings. ❤

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Churchin’ on a Prayer

Does every parent of small children start their Sunday at church with the same kind of prayer? “Dear God, please let us get through this.”  That’s the gist of mine. I’d go into more specifics while praying and ask for things such as no tantrums, no running out of the pew and no innocent victims being hit with flying toys, but I quickly get distracted by keeping my kid from doing all those things. By the end of Mass, I’m praying for those around us and their salvation because they surely could not focus either. Continue reading “Churchin’ on a Prayer”

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The Two-Edged Sword that is Breastfeeding

If you have a child or are currently expecting, you have no doubt been asked, in one way or another, “are you planning to breastfeed?” I always think this is a weird question, because honestly, it’s nobody’s business. But then I have to remember, this question is most likely coming from someone who strongly supports breastfeeding and not meaning to make you feel judged. It is a way they are offering their support. Let me tell you, if you decide to breastfeed, you will need ALL THE SUPPORT you can get. Continue reading “The Two-Edged Sword that is Breastfeeding”

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Stop with the parent shaming already

I did a LOT of stupid stuff as a young kid, and as a teenager and even in my 20s (but we won’t go through that decade again; specifically the first half.) I did things I’m not proud of and knew was wrong at the time, but when the cat’s away the mice will play, right? I’m sure we can all relate to this on some level. Continue reading “Stop with the parent shaming already”